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The Sexual Assault Referral Centre for the Merseyside Area
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Visiting the centre

SAFE Place Merseyside’s purpose built centre is located in central Liverpool, within easy reach of public transport.

  • The centre has been designed to be very accessible
  • It is very discreet, with no signs to indicate the purpose of the centre
  • Appointments at SAFE Place are only made for one person at a time - so you won’t meet anyone else who might be waiting to see a crisis worker or doctor
  • There is a purpose-built examination suite
  • There are waiting areas for friends and family who may be coming to the centre with you
  • Tea and coffee is available
  • Photos of the centre can be seen below

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  • The Pre-Examination Room

  • The Examination Room

  • The Examination Room

  • The Post-Examination Room

  • The Examination Suite

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