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What happens before and during the examination?

Before the examination

  • The crisis worker will discuss any immediate worries or concerns with you and any urgent issues that arise can be dealt with immediately
  • The crisis worker will explain what will happen when the FME joins you and what is involved with the examination
  • The role of an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) is explained to you and you will be offered a referral to an ISVA
  • You may be asked about the assault and the crisis worker or FME will record as much of this information as possible
  • You will have any necessary consent forms explained to you before you sign them
  • You will be asked if you would like the crisis worker or a friend or member of your family to be with you during the examination

During the examination

  • During the examination it is routine to measure your height, weight and if necessary, take a urine sample
  • It is also possible to carry out a pregnancy test during the examination if you think you might be pregnant
  • The FME will then carry out a ‘top to toe’ examination taking appropriate samples
  • All samples are passed to the SOLO or crisis worker then labelled and bagged in accordance with very strict procedures
  • The cover from the examination couch is included in the evidence and any clothes that might be needed as evidence are put into a police evidence bag and labelled


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