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What's next?

Aftercare Support


Following your attendance to SAFE Place Merseyside we can refer you to a specialist service that can provide you with vital aftercare support. This can include support from an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, (ISVAs), who can help and support you following an assault or a referral to a specialist counselling service.



Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service (ISVA’s)


ISVAs are specially trained to provide you with practical and emotional support throughout the criminal justice process, they offer impartial advice and advocate on your behalf throughout each stage including reporting the assault to attending Court.


ISVA’s are independent, which means they can provide you with information and advice, making you fully aware of your options and choices, ensuring that you are able to make the right decisions for yourself.



The service provided by an ISVA can include:


  • Undertaking an assessment of your support needs and help you to access other services; such as health services, housing, counselling or other agencies either by signposting or by making a referral.
  • Provide information about reporting options, the criminal justice system, the Court process and attending with you if required.
  • Liaising with other agencies on your behalf– such as the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Court staff.
  • Advice and information about Criminal Injuries Compensation.





Counselling is a safe environment to talk to a trained person about how you are feeling and discuss any difficulties you are having. Counsellors listen to you carefully and try to help you to understand yourself better, which can help you to gain perspective on your experiences, and to help you to develop positive ways of coping. 

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